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Knowledge Assessment

The Executive Directions program has helped me develop my leadership skills and has given me courage and confidence to address the challenges of my organization and to celebrate the joys of my work.
- recent XD member

Role Development

I joined Executive Directions to 'raise my game' not really know what that was supposed to mean. Well, I learned what it meant - in spades. XD made me tremendously more effective for my organization and connected me with a group of peers from whom I continue to learn.
- recent XD member


Level of Confidence

Executive Directions has been a life changing experience. To wrestle with sensitive issues of leadership with mentors and peers in an open dialogue is magical. New ways of doing but more important, new ways of being.
- recent XD member


Have Skills Needed in the Leadership Role

On a day to day basis this program has allowed me to learn from my peers who may have already experienced situations. On a big picture basis it has broadened my view of leadership and given me confidence to lead.
- recent XD member


Specific Skill Development

Brilliant! If you are interested in increasing your network of people and possibilities - then this is for you! Executive Directions has been one of the most inspiring learnings I've experienced.
- recent XD member


What difference has your participation in Executive Directions had on the following:


Effectiveness in helping you become a better Executive Director

XD provided me the ability to be confident in my competence and the space to build community.
- recent XD member


How We Lead

Important Leadership traits:

  • Honesty
  • Vision
  • Self-Awareness
  • Inspiration
  • Curiosity
  • Determination

How We Grow

Effective ways to become more:

  • Acknowledge we don't know what we know
  • Be relentlessly curious
  • Test new ideas
  • Surround yourself with a group of skilled peers

Why We Lead

Leaders all have different drives:

  • To make a difference
  • Take advocate for those who can't
  • To change organizations for the best
  • To challenge their own abilities
  • To focus others on big possibilities
As a non-profit executive, have you ever asked yourself:

Is there a fast track to wisdom?

I want to be sharper, quicker and more confident in the choices I make and the directions I head.

Who can I talk to that “gets it” about the uniqueness (or is it the peculiarity) of non-profit leadership?

I want to talk with people who understand what I sense on a daily and yearly basis.

Where can I go to learn what I need to know when I need to know it?

I want to grow in areas that will make a difference in my life and my work; I need something more specific than some institution’s predetermined curriculum or agenda.

Who can I trust, really trust?

I want to be able to ask questions without risk; I want to dig into myself and my work without worrying about what people think of me; I want to tell the whole story and get genuine feedback and input.

Who pushes me to my potential as a leader, as a human being?

I’ve got more to offer than I currently show; I want to be challenged, I want to be pushed, I want to be accountable to something.

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